Although the core of my work is currently confined to commercial architectural photography (something I’m deeply passionate about) I really developed the essence of my current style through many years of initially specialising in baby and child photography. It was through this phase of my personal development that my style was heavily influenced through working with the phenomenal black-and-white children’s photographer Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai in the USA. 

Cheryl’s unusual approach to ‘anti-cute’ soulful portraiture transformed the way that I saw and understood light and taught me the value of  having an ’emotional connection’ and still plays a central part in the way that I shoot architecture today. Buildings all have soul, they have personality, and if you take the time to walk around and interact with a building you will ultimately find the right light that will best portray its true essence and character.

Having had a quiet afternoon in the office today I’ve compiled a two page editorial that emphasises my own approach towards simple soulful sensational children’s photography that may be of some benefit to you if you’re looking for some inspiration or tips on developing your own style of work.

Feel free to email the office and I’ll gladly return you a PDF copy… (