As luck would have it, good fortune provided an opportunity to spend some time at Bunker Bay (about 3 hours drive south of Perth) in Western Australia recently with the incredibly talented landscape photographers Christian Fletcher and Nick Rains. If you were to compile a ‘who’s who’ list of the world’s top landscape photographers these guys would both certainly be in the top five. Although the type and style of work they do is distinctly different to my own, it is always interesting and valuable to see other photographer’s ways of doing things and to have a go at shooting and processing utilising their digital management systems. In photography you never stop learning and best sure way to grow and develop is certainly to keep an open mind and constantly look for new tips and tricks that might help improve the work that you do.

With a ‘Limited Edition’ collection of fine art prints about to be launched by us here in the next few weeks I learned a lot from these two guys in terms of fine art processing, understanding various colour gamut’s and producing gallery quality prints. If you’re ever looking to learn the same be sure to check these guys websites out and keep a look-out for more of their upcoming courses; they’re both slightly barmy but when you rate amongst the world’s best I guess you can afford to be!

I had a great time in Oz – it’s a fantastic country, peaceful, endlessly beautiful and just full of the friendliest and most down-to-earth of people you could ever wish to meet. Below a few of my early morning shots from my trip out there…