I’m on a new buzz at the moment trying to get my head around night photography using moonlight to illuminate landscapes and capture those incredible star trails that are so reminiscent of the National Geographic type images I used to love looking at when I was a kid (well I still am mostly to tell the truth).   Digital cameras are actually disadvantageous for this type of venture as the digital sensors really struggle to cope with long exposures and digital noise (old school film buffs will be bouncing on their beds with joy) so it’s quite a tricky form of photography to do well.

Anyway here’s a shot I grabbed across my valley last night looking at the exclusive ‘The Gardens’ residential complex in Durban North, peppered with stars… (ISO 800, f8, 30 seconds)  …what I’m really after is now capturing long streaks of star trails with exposures of up to a number of hours at a time!