In a region where steel has been manufactured since the 16th century it is with extreme sadness as we today watch news of the Corus factory at Teeside in Newcastle, England, being permanently closed down due to lack of demand driven by the worldwide recession. For a business that once employed 40,000 people this is a devastating turn of events where steel-making runs through generations of families and for a business that has manufactured steel in this location for over 173 years.

Corus steel has been shipped worldwide and has been used in structures as famous as Canary Wharf in London and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Their steel is widely used in construction, bridge and ship building as well as in the manufacture of car bodies and domestic appliances.

I have family that have lived in Newcastle for generations so I know how devastating and testing this will be for that community at large and for manufacturing across the north of England generally. What a terrible thing this recession is with how its changed people’s lives right across the globe affecting people at all levels of life. I guess we all have to dig deep, find away to remain positive, and look for opportunity and fortune amidst the chaos of a changing world. Our sanities and our children’s futures all depend on it…