There’s nothing quite like too much good beer and bad rugby on a Saturday night to make getting out of bed at 5am on Sunday challenging – double-parking on a bridge, avoiding suspicious stadium security guards and keeping a sharp eye out for muggers all require the utmost guile and finese of a super-spy. Viewed from a distance (in hindsight) this ‘stealth photographer’ must have looked relatively ominous silhouetted off the edge of a bridge in the early morning dawn setting up a tripod and connecting up the phenomenal and beautiful 400mm Canon lens. I banged off a quick few shots (f8, 1/250th of a second, ISO 800) jumped back into the little black car with the blacked-out security windows and zipped off back home for a well deserved cup of coffee and to start processing the mornings work. It’s never easy some days but it’s always worth it in the end. Ahhh, the life of a freelance photographer…!