Reportedly the most expensive hotel ever built, the Emirates Palace is certainly an incredible landmark facing out onto the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Completed in November 2005 it has 850,000m2 of floor space and underground parking for 2,500 cars – it’s well worth a visit just to walk through the car park and drool with disbelief at the incredible collection of Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc, customer cars casually parked around the place.

The hotel has 302 rooms (each furnished in marble and gold), 92 suites, and 16 palace suites on the top two floors which are reserved for visiting heads of state and other such worthy officials and VIP guests. The cost of staying here reportedly goes up to US$11,500 (R85,000) per person per night…

If you ever get the chance to visit this incredible palace be sure to treat yourself to a cup of Emirates Palace coffee which is decorated with gold flakes (really!). At R100 it’s not the cheapest coffee you’ll ever buy, or the best, but for a brief moment in life it is quite exciting sitting there imagining that you ARE that rich that you can afford to drink gold flakes with your coffee!