Below two images from a collection I grabbed for a client earlier this week on the Umhlanga Rocks beachfront north of Durban. I’d been waiting for about 6 weeks for a clear sky where the clarity was good enough to see the Durban city skyline all the way from Umhlanga Rocks and it was only because of a heavy downpour overnight that the rain cleared the sky and made the clarity possible.

I was on the beach at 5am in the morning in the pitch dark and howling cold wind, it was new moon this week too, waiting for the first light of day to start breaking across the sky. Just as the sky started turning from the black of night into the light of day is the perfect time for a digital sensor to start doing some work and catching the beautiful colours in both the sky and in the illumination that is still afforded on the numerous buildings along the coastline.

It’s a simple case in point about waiting for the right light…