With the 2010 FIFA World CupTM a now distant memory in our minds as we get back to our usual business of thuggerous public sector strikes and doing our best to prevent our children from gaining a valuable school education at the most critical final-exam time of their lives, the stadiums countrywide have their own issues trying to avoid the inevitable post World Cup ‘white elephant’ syndrome.

Despite the irony of ‘elephants’ (and the inevitable allegations of IFP political party subterfuge) which I suspect is largely lost to the ANC-lead eThekwini municipality it is now revealed that on-going maintenance and running costs on the Moses Mabhida Stadium will be taken from tax-payers’ pockets in the absence of any major stadium sponsor or fixed-use tenant having being found.

Despite that the beautiful Durban stadium is certainly the most active in the country with sky-car sight-seeing trips, bungee jumping, stadium tours and infrequent PSL football matches it is certainly noticeable how the stadium lights no longer shine at night and the opportunity for those sensational image-making opportunities have dwindled.

Here’s hoping they can find a long-term tenant or corporate sponsor for the stadium soon so that the monies desperately needed to fix the all-too-common dysfunctional city traffic lights and buy life-saving anti-retroviral drugs for the hospitals can be better allocated out of the city coffers.