Below a compilation of some of the many images I shot for the St Martins pre-primary school in Durban North last week as they were after some new imagery to refresh their website.

It’s been ages since I’ve photographed children so it was a marvellous opportunity to have a whole lot of fun interacting with all the little personalities and characters that constitute a playground full of 3-5 year olds. I spent most of the morning as a guest of the school grabbing natural-light images of the kids going about their daily tasks doing painting, playing dress-up and enjoying free play on the many facilities they have available for their pure enjoyment.

It’s always good for the soul to photograph children as they have the most amazing way of making you feel good about life, seeing them all so happy and carefree, and seeing the most beautiful little personalities interacting amongst one-another. Or perhaps it’s just because it makes us remember our own childhood and how carefree and fun the grand adventure of life used to be?