Running a reported 80% over budget and following numerous project delays this impressive light railway system was officially opened at 09:09:09 on the 09th September 2009 (2009/09/09 @ 09:09:09am). Costing a reported US$7.9 billion the driverless fully-automated system carries some 170,000 passengers on a daily basis doing much to help reduce conjestion on the roads of Dubai.

The conjestion in Dubai certainly seems to have eased in the last year but just how much of that can be directly contributed to the success of the light railway system and how much is a direct effect of the many tens of thousands of people who lost their jobs and left the country in the great worldwide recession is another topic for debate.

One thing that is certainly not in question is how impressive the architectural design of the various individual stations are and just how sensational they are to photograph.