I recently gave a talk on photography to a bunch of 4-year old school kids which turned into a bit of a riot with myself at the helm so much that the headmistress had to come in and ask us to calm down a bit as apparently I’d taken the concept of ‘having fun’ a bit too far to the extreme. The main thing is that we all had a LOT of fun and hopefully some young minds might even be a little bit enthralled about photography and quite how daft ‘Mr Clicky’ can be. I might also have somehow left an invigorating impression of how you can still act quite like a child when you’re bigger and growing up isn’t quite as daunting as it might have seemed.

Anyway I digress; one of the topics we looked at was how camera’s can produce images in colour and they can also do the same in black-and-white (it tied in with what was on their curriculum this term) and I used a picture of a zebra to demonstrate this. A few days later I was up in the Valley of a Thousand Hills shooting a most spectacular home on a new game estate there and couldn’t resist taking some time to photograph some more abstract images of zebra’s that I have put into a collection I’ve named ‘Patterns of Africa’.

I did pretty well distracting the 4-year olds for half-an-hour and then ended with an opportunity for questions from the floor; one hand went up and a smart little girl asked ‘yes but how does a camera actually capture a picture’… there’s always one!