Below some images from a most sensational ‘owner architect-designed’ dwelling I photographed last week up at Botha’s Hill overlooking the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Forming part of a new residential estate this property sits inside the PheZulu Game Reserve with the architectural style being sympathetic to this and its lush natural rocky surrounds. A percentage of the dwellings walls have to be built with local natural stone, they all have thatch roofs and incorporate a lot of timber decking and this house quite uniquely also uses green roof construction (live bush grass growing on a landscaped flat concrete roof) to minimise the visual impact of the dwelling on the steep hill. They have wildlife wandering endlessly through the property with herds of zebra, impala, blesbok and wildebeest in the ‘garden’ whilst I was there and apparently they also get giraffe wandering up from time to time. It’s the most beautiful dwelling I have certainly ever seen in my life set in the most sensational surrounding I have certainly ever seen too – if there’s one place on earth I’d love to live more than anywhere this has to be it…!