The ‘Crofton & Benjamin Architects’ exhibition and KZNIA Presidential Inauguration opened in Durban last night at the exquisite KZNSA Gallery with a star-studded glittering event attended by the who’s who of architectural professionals from across the province.

Featuring an extensive collection of the photography I was commissioned to shoot for this exhibition, the images showcase the work of one of Durban’s primary architectural practices from the 1950’s & 1960’s. Crofton & Benjamin Architects helped define the Durban skyline as it stands today and set the standard and style of architecture that near-enough every local architect tried to emulate from that point on.

The exhibition runs at the KZNSA Gallery from 12th to 30th May 2011 and is free to enter. Make sure you get down there for a nice cup of coffee and see some beautiful architectural artwork…!

“What I have found, in my life, is to drop expectancy, waiting for something to happen. If I want a relationship,  I go out and relate. If I want love, I go out and love. If I want commitment, I go out and commit myself!” Issy Benjamin