It’s been another awesome month at ‘dennis guichard photography’ with the launch of our ‘simple soulful sensational’ children’s portraiture service locally in the Durban suburbs. It’s been an absolute pleasure and a huge amount of fun meeting all the families and cavorting with the kids to create the sensational collection of images that we have.

Every shoot presents its own unique challenges and opportunities as we hunt for the beautiful light we desire in each home and patiently work with the children to get them to give the sensational imagery of themselves. Beautiful imagery demands beautiful light so the challenge is always to find that and simply work it to its best potential.

It’s not so much that the resultant imagery is quite beautiful, rather that it’s the children themselves who are most natural and beautiful. The images are all ‘as captured’ and are not ‘photoshopped’ in any way to create any false effect. It’s soulful sensational imagery of children simply just being themselves.

I’m very fortunate indeed to have had the brief opportunity to meet and work with each of them so as to capture these beautiful moments on record for the families to keep for posterity. I’m grateful for the opportunity and honoured to have met them all.

I wonder I wonder I do what next month will bring Mr Peter Pan…?