I’ve had a very fortunate and exciting life and career so far living, working and travelling worldwide. One of the perks of that is the opportunity this provides to be able to observe, study and learn directly from some of the world’s leading photographers including amongst many the inspirational Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai (black-and-white soulful children’s photographer in Denver, USA), the talented Damien Lovegrove (wedding & portrait photographer in Bristol, England), Canon EOS Experience (Canon-specific short courses in London, England), Bjorn Thomassen (portrait photographer in Cornwall, England), Martin Edge (underwater photographer in Bournemouth, England), Christian Fletcher (landscape photographer and gallery owner in Dunsborough, Western Australia) and Nick Rains (landscape photographer and editor of ‘Better Digital Camera’ magazine in Australia).

Each of these world-class artists that I have studied with have influenced and shaped my career to a degree. I’ve been inspired by their work and their success and I’ve pulled from this as I strove over the last 20-odd years developing my own style and approach to high-impact, fine art and abstract photography. No one single workshop will of course alone give you the skills and experience you need to become successful in your own right, it takes years and years of dedication and soul searching to slowly find the style of work that is honest and respectful to who you are as a person.

Some other modern masters who I respect hugely and follow frequently include: Greg Gorman (portrait photographer, USA), Audrey Woulard (children’s photographer, USA), Anthony Weller (architectural photographer, England), Brett Harkness (wedding, portrait & fashion photographer, England), Jeff Ascough (wedding photographer, England), John Tisbury (glamour photographer, England), Pascal Renoux (glamour photographer, France), Bjorn Moerman (HDR architectural & travel photographer, UAE), Gerry O’Leary (architectural photographer, UAE), Baby as Art (children’s photography, USA),and Charlie Waite (landscape photographer, England), amongst many others – they are all masters at working with light…!

Some of the tips I’ve learned from these masters include: