A sensational new R14-million sports & community centre project by the phenomenal Adendorff Architects in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, utilising Safintra’s gorgeous ‘Trimflute’ roof and wall metal cladding profile.

 “Adendorff Architects were commissioned to design a total of five multi-purpose sports centres around the Nelson Mandela Bay area in Port Elizabeth, within primarily impoverished settlements.

Although the approach taken to each design was unique in their various concepts, all the centres had a very similar programme and therefore were designed in a self-similar fashion to one another.

Each centre was designed in such a manner that they went beyond being simple sports facilities, and were meant to act as both catalytic projects in each area to help promote growth, but more importantly, to be envisioned as community centres where the people of the area could gather and come together in a safe and inspiring environment.”

 Another showcase of ‘Great South African Architecture’ for Safintra’s new national advertising campaign…!