It’s not very often that I post about other photographers work (actually I NEVER do) but then having lived in Europe and the Middle East for over 14 years I’ve built up a select profile of high calibre photographic masters that I follow and try to learn from so it’s rare to tell the truth that I discover a new talent to put up on that pedestal or am humbled to that degree.

One such newly-discovered talent that I will certainly be following is German Rüdiger Nehmzow, a phenomenal corporate photographer who amongst much hangs out of open airplanes at 6000 m / 20,000 ft to photograph clouds. The air is so thin at that altitude that he breathes off a hydrated oxygen mask to remain conscious and get his shots. I happen to actually be a member of the ‘cloud appreciation society’ in the UK (thanks to Nick Rains) but this certainly takes that obsession to the next level…!

Be certain to check out his website and also look for the action video in the ‘cloud collection’ of his ‘reportage features’ and also look at all his other sensational corporate work.

Hats off to you Rüdiger Nehmzow…