Travelling the road of discovery and learning the art of creative photography is an  journey with no end. The challenge of constantly learning new ‘tricks’ and being able to produce a style of commercially viable artistic imagery that keeps you one step ahead of the competition and in control of the potential fees you can charge is a necessary one.

Less than a month ago I photographed the phenomenal Elphick Proome Architects office in Westville, KwaZulu Natal, for the Safintra Roofing advertising campaign and got a collection of images that I was really excited about. Successful photography however entails honouring all three skill-sets of my see:capture:create philosophy so the final and probably most important aspect of abstract, fine art & high-impact photography is an ability to creatively post-process the captures to maximise their potential in showcasing any structure.

I’ve recently been refreshing and upgrading my skill-set following and learning from some of my newest three ‘master photographer’ heroes and it’s amazing the difference this can bring about, as shown in the two images below, when an old dog learns some new tricks.

I was previously pretty ecstatic with the results I got out of post-processing my previous version (bottom image) but just a month later I find myself pushing new boundaries of self-discovery doing high-contrast double-RAW conversions on smart layers, more advanced black-and-white blends, careful desaturation and enhancing mid-tone contrast by sharpening with the blur tool (believe it not)…

I’ll keep my new sources secret for now but be certain to include an overview of their different approaches to advanced Photoshop when I eventually find the time to get my own architectural photography courses together.

In the meantime let me know which version below YOU prefer as a fine art print…