Phew, what a write-up! Officially announcing the launch of the Safintra national advertising campaign this editorial below has just been published in the South African ‘Walls & Roofs’ magazine.

It’s certainly a truth that buildings all have life, they each have soul and personality, and the challenge of any architectural photography commission is to identify with that and capture a set of sensational high-impact images that will best portray any building or structure in a positive way.

Being architecturally qualified certainly helps, it means you can ‘see’ with an architect’s eye and ‘feel’ the passion and personality that any practice has put into designing and developing any project. Being respectful of the design process and identifying the unique signature elements that give the project its soul are key to capturing sensational imagery and creating exquisite artwork.

Be sure to look out for the collectable series of twelve ‘Great South African Architecture’ Safintra adverts which are just starting to hit the press…