I think I need to put my prices up as the value of photography seems to be going through the roof lately?

Only 6 months after Cindy Sherman (see earlier post below) set the all-time world record for having produced the most expensive photograph ever sold Andreas Gursky has turned the art world on its head with his latest auction sale.

Rhein II, an image by German-born Andreas Gursky, fetched US$4.3 Million (£2.7m) at Christie’s in New York on 11 November 2011, becoming the most expensive photograph ever sold. It is the second time in four years that Andreas has held this record although he now also has the distinction of having sold two of the world’s top four most highly priced photographs, surely the envy of photographers the world over wondering quite what his secret is.

I know the US Dollar’s not quite worth what it used to be but that’s certainly still a lot of money for a 73×143 inch (190 × 360 cm) acrylic mounted photograph?! There are SIX photographs in the collection he put together depicting the River Rhine, this being number two in the series.

And one might have been lead to believe that there was a recession going on…?!