I’ve spent over 20 years developing my photographic style and getting to understand all the science and technology of image-making. At the end of the day of course it’s not the technology that makes a great photograph but an emotional connection you get with a subject matter you love that enables you to see, feel and create sensational imagery.

As a boy I spent endless hours and days in my Uncle John’s traditional chemical darkroom in the south of London dodging & burning and playing with chemicals and different photographic papers learning some of the basics of photography. My Uncle John (a professional photographer himself) helped me buy my first film SLR camera in January 1991 (an original Canon EOS 600) which I upgraded to a semi-professional Canon EOS 3 film camera some ten years later.

In early 2006 I made the switch to digital buying a new Canon EOS 5D which has remained my workhorse for the last 5 years. It produces a fantastic quality of image suitable for submission to international photo libraries and for magazine publication.

I shoot with a bag full of lenses including Canon’s flagship L-series 17mm Tilt and Shift architectural lens, the Canon 85mm f1.2 L for portraiture, a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L, Canon 100-400mm L (witha  x2 converter), Canon 100mm macro (sensational for portraiture), and a Lensbaby Composer amongst many.

Over the years I’ve worked across a range of genres of photography including shooting some destination weddings, underwater photography (with an Ikelite underwater housing) and children’s photography but my heart always comes back to shooting architecture and construction which also forms the backbone of my 20+ years professional career.