There is this notion that the process of creating a sensational photograph is somehow a trade secret to be guarded under lock and key embodied somewhere within all the science and technology of exposure settings and the equipment you might or might not own. The key however lies within us!

By looking into ourselves and drawing on a lifetime of personal experiences we are able to find a creative voice that through photography helps us define the way we see the world in our own very unique way. It is actually said that an image frequently says more about the photographer than the subject matter it portrays because of the inherent personality it encapsulates.

No one but you can take the photographs that you take because your creative voice and artistic style are very unique to who you are. How do you find that creative voice; by looking into yourself and finding an emotional connection with a subject matter you love. Passion drives creativity; it gives you the energy you need to keep working hard, lights your creative fire and helps you grow over time as an artist.

Look into yourself, ignite your passion and be the unique star that you were meant to be!

How does a true photographer know when an image is composed and exposed correctly?  When it feels right…!