Success is a funny thing although of course not nearly as funny as how fickle some friends and family can be in response to their perception of how well you might or might not be doing at any given time in your life. The success of a man (or a woman) can be measured perhaps not by the stature (or bank balance) they might currently hold but by the resolve they have to pick themselves up every time they fail and the willpower they have to keep going, consistently doing everything they can within their ability, because they have the strength to believe  they can do better and can achieve great things.

Someone I know once wrote a lovely true piece about how ‘many people live a life of quiet discontent not having the courage or belief to follow their dreams’Breaking that mould takes resolve, it takes willpower and it takes deep unwavering self-belief that you can indeed achieve the success and goals you seek; certainly no one says the adventure will ever be easy, without challenge or hardship.

Building a new business from scratch in a country you’ve been away from for over 14 years, when you’ve been retrenched abroad and lost everything, trying hard to network, build a new brand and win new contracts amidst the worst recession (in architecture and construction anyway) in history is hard work and doesn’t come easy. It’s challenging, it’s exciting and it’s invigorating and I wouldn’t do it any other way because I do believe success will come and quite frankly sometimes it’s just the only way!

To the friends, family and clients (worldwide) who do unconditionally love and believe, thank you, we honestly couldn’t make it without your support and help.