I was just sitting here watching paint dry as my Internet service, which likes to call itself  ‘Telkom Broadband‘, is trying to upload some images. A very prestigious and prominent magazine in the United Arab Emirates has amazingly offered to run a 4-page editorial on my fine art architectural photography in an upcoming edition so I’ve been working all day reprocessing some stunning fine art and abstract photographs from my work there.

Procrastinating on writing the personal bio that needs to go with the editorial I dug out these old photos that I took in my early days living in my favourite city in the world. These images were all shot on film on my original Canon EOS 3 camera (long before digital cameras were even available) and scanned to digital for processing through Photoshop. I’ve been photographing architecture for some 20-years, since I first started as a professional in the industry, so these are certainly some of my earliest work that I still have on record. Everyone has to start somewhere?!

Let me know if you can work out just what they are and where they might have been taken along the river…?