Metaphorically-speaking it’s raining cats and dogs out here in Durban, South Africa, at the moment as we experience the side-effects of a mild cyclone that is currently blowing over Mozambique further towards the north. Bad weather is of course an awesome time for shooting some sensational imagery so don’t be put off getting out there with your camera!

Set up your camera on a tripod, on a slow shutter speed of maybe a 1/10th of a second, anywhere where you can find moving water (i.e. down at the beach) to get high-impact images bursting with movement and energy.

Night time is certainly the BEST time for shooting street scenes and getting awesome images of buildings when it’s raining so be certain to get out there later this evening in the twilight hour to get the most eye-catching images full of reflections as the light bounces off puddles, wet streets and pavements. Also crop in close with a zoom lens and shoot reflections in puddles which also always makes for some great images.

If you shoot architecture, you’ll dream about weather like this for the opportunity it presents to shoot high-impact images with a difference.

Whatever your motivation, don’t be put off by the rain, get out there, grab the opportunity and go shoot some sensational imagery!