Below a collection of professional CV’s I have photographed and designed for some clients.

Professional CV’s are frequently needed for inclusion in architectural and construction tender bids where companies are asked to showcase the proposed design/management team they might allocate to a project if successfully awarded. The success of any large construction project is frequently dependant on the competency and personality of the team of people who might bring it together so the professionalism of their CV’s and the way any tender documentation is compiled and presented can frequently be the splitting-hair that decides whether a company wins a lucrative and/or prestigious project or not.

In a fiercely competitive industry where it is increasingly difficult to differentiate the competency of a range of experienced bidding companies it can frequently be the ‘simplest of things’ that can swing projects towards one architect/contractor over another. I know this because I’ve been on both the ‘client reviewing’ end of the process awarding massive projects and also on the bidding side of the process putting bids together to win new work.

Be sure to let us know if we can help you in any way with putting tender bid documentation together anywhere in the world; the process is always similar…