Years ago I studied a style of soulful children’s photography with the amazing Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai who is based in Denver, USA. She’s an amazing photographer and an amazing singer too (singing in a band called Reckless Red) who taught me much about ‘honest photography’ and influenced the ‘simple soulful sensational’ style of children’s photography I have been known to shoot.

One of the things she teaches is that photographs don’t always need to be sharp, where the ‘eyelashes are sharp enough to be considered weapons’. There’s something quite beautiful about images that are soft and blurred that is hard to deny, obtained by purposely working in soft low light and shooting on slow shutter speeds perhaps with your ISO setting amped up quite high to 1600 to also introduce that lovely grainy feel that is so reminiscent of old-style film photography.

Go ahead and give it a try; purposely shoot natural-light images that are out of focus, soft and beautiful, abstract and fine art…!