I’ve just designed two exciting new quarter-page adverts to go into the premier South African ‘Leading Architecture’ magazine to help showcase and advertise the specific niche style of fine art architectural + construction photography I shoot.

Many architects and developers believe they need to wait for projects to be fully complete before they are considered to be ready to photograph but the converse actually holds true; busy chaotic construction sites can provide a plethora of exciting opportunity for the keen eye to shoot and create sensational high-impact imagery. Shooting at night also helps lose the chaos of construction into the dark shadows so that the imagery becomes a simple yet powerful play on the shape line form and function that defines the soul of any structure or building. It’s quite simply always just about the light and what you are able to creatively do with it.

The first black-and-white image below is a simple hive of scaffold poles captured on a busy construction site, whilst the second image showcases the sensational yet simple ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) pneumatic roof structure that covers the entrance pavilion to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that I’ve extensively photographed a number of times.

Be sure to watch out for the new adverts as they launch soon…