I was up and out early again this morning down on the beachfront by 04:30am hoping to catch a sensational sunrise. The thousand wild horses that dragged me out of bed were also feeding me strong coffee and hot cross buns in the car in a desperate bid to get me going. It was slow going but by the time we got to the beach we were all rearing to go and full of anticipation.

Anyone however who shoots architecture or landscapes will of course know that feeling of bitter disappointment when the lightshow you were hoping for fails to turn up. Those mornings full of promise when the dark of night does nothing other than fade into the pale grey of day. So much hope, so much anticipation, so much potential, and then NOTHING…! (It’s a bit like the hamburgers at the ‘Spur’ really?) Personally I blame those thousand wild horses for dragging my sorry butt out of bed when I probably could’ve slept for a few more hours, although of course I’ve got children so the thought of any sleep-in is a bit of a laugh anyway.

They say there’s just two things needed to create sensational photography, an interesting subject and beautiful light. I certainly had the interesting subject matter but on this instance I just never got served the beautiful morning light that I was looking for.

Not to be defeated I managed to grab a few night shots of the beachfront architecture before it got too light and dreary. It just goes to show how challenging it really can be to capture sensational seascape photography and how it’s not just a matter of turning up and shooting blind. I’m still in two minds however about having all those horses shot and turned into woodglue…?!