Congratulations YOU, if you’ve just logged onto my Blog this morning (at 09:45am) it may well be YOU that became my 30,000th visitor, so THANK YOU!

I get an amazing host of visitors from all over the world frequenting my Blog but the top ten country’s by visitor currently stand as: South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Netherlands and Brazil…

Surprisingly however despite all the in-roads I have made travelling and working around my home country showcasing the FIFA World Cup stadia and all the other sensational architecture here the vast majority of hits I get on my Blog by a long way remain from people looking at my Abu Dhabi based photography and in particular my work on the new circular Aldar Properties Headquarters building there.

It’s quite fascinating seeing the far-flung places that visitors originate from and equally exciting corresponding with so many different people all over the world. I get just as much enjoyment reading other people’s Blog’s myself, seeing what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. It’s quite amazing of course how the Internet has opened the world up and quite how that has helped us all to interact, observe and learn on such a global scale.

So if you’re one of the many special people who have visited my Blog in the last year, THANK YOU, I appreciate it!