Here’s a clever top tip I learned from my mates in Australia recently for effectively seeing where the dust spots are on your camera’s sensor and for creating a layer in Photoshop to effectively help you identify and remove these from your images.

Step 01 – Open your image as usual in Adobe Photoshop

Step 02 – Click on the button “Create new fill or adjustment layer” at the bottom of your layers palette and create a new “Curves” layer

Step 03 – In the “Curves” dialogue box pull the curve about as shown below to create a radical Sine Curve. This will create a madly inverted and heavily solarised look to your image; click “OK”

Step 04 – You’ll now be able to clearly see all the spots caused by the dust on your camera’s sensor as they’re vastly exaggerated in the solarised image. Now pull some “guide” lines out to make a cross-hair over the various dust spots on the solarised image

Step 05 – Turn the curves layer off to hide the solarised layer and use your “Healing Brush” to remove the dust spots from your image

Step 06 – When you’re done simply delete the Sine Curves layer and you’ll confidently be left with a lovely clean spot-free image

It doesn’t matter how careful we try to be we all get dust on our camera sensor’s from time to time. If yours is particularly dirty be sure to take the camera into your dealer to get the sensor professionally cleaned or if you’re confident enough simply clean it yourself (it’s not as hard as you might imagine). I clean mine myself using the fantastic Visible Dust range of products including the Arctic Butterfly brush, a 7x LED Loupe for viewing the sensor at high magnification, Canon 5D specific swabs and cleaning fluid.

Easy really…!?