As an architectural professional the mainstay of my photography incorporates shooting buildings and engineering structures; I understand buildings and the art of architecture having a natural report with them that comes easy to me because of my 20+ years working directly in the industry.

If there’s anything else I love photographing second to architecture it has to be children shooting with my unique style of natural-light capture which always produces the most soulful sensational imagery. It’s a whole lot more time-consuming as we don’t force false smiles out of the kids rather spending the time interacting with them all and simply capturing those natural personalities and smiles as and when they surface.

I recently got the opportunity to do the school photographs at St Martins pre-primary school in Durban again last week. It’s a great way to help the school with some fundraising (as the profits go directly to the school) and it’s also a richly rewarding way to spend a morning having a mountain of fun with all the kids playing ‘tickly toes’ and ‘who loves marshmallows’ to tease those natural smiles and unique personalities out of each of them.

Traditionally school photos are much like passport photos being shockingly bad, everyone hates them but buys them because they have to. At St Martins we always try to do them differently hopefully giving the parents photographic artwork that they will be proud to hang on their walls at home. Of course every child is beautiful and unique; their portraits each aim to be quite simple, a little soulful and a lot of sensational. I wish I could showcase them all but I can’t so here’s a small handful to show just how beautiful childhood can be.

School photos by Dennis Guichard…