Magical surprises arrive from the funniest of places sometimes; it’s got absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with architecture of course but I took a host of photographs of some indigenous ‘pavement-special cows’ (Nguni half-breeds) around a watering hole on the family farm in Mozambique when I was up there recently and was quite delighted to learn that one of these got published in the South African Farmers Weekly recently (24th May 2012) along with a brief editorial about the free water supply the folks provide.

It’s always very exciting, and a huge honour, whenever you get published and this one is certainly no exception. Farmers Weekly is the oldest agricultural publication in South Africa, with its first edition being published on 15th March 1911, so it’s actually quite a big deal indeed to be able to say that I’ve now featured in one of the most prestigious and well-known publications in the country.

It certainly helps to always send your images into the magazines and of course have friends in high places (THANKS Robyn!)

Download a high-resolution copy of the editorial HERE (295Kb)