It’s always hard work but tremendously good fun photographing children; it’s good for the soul, it rejuvenates one’s spirit and makes one feel light about life again.

It’s said that you can’t take a child’s photograph but it is by contrast always up to the child to decide what it is that they might give of themselves. The challenge I guess is to create some level of connection with each individual child, even if just for a brief few moments, to get them to connect and trust you enough to give that beautiful moment for you to capture.  

You have to of course get the technical part of image capture right but children’s photography isn’t about shutter speeds and f-stops, it’s about magical beautiful moments and creating a soulful image that perfectly captures the unique personality of the child.

Every time you photograph someone, you tell them, “You’re important enough to remember.” Make the most of it. (Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai, USA)