Chocolate, sex and SCUBA Diving

It’s got nothing of course to do with architectural photography but it seemed like a good portal to use my (old) Blog to get my latest SCUBA diving text out into the world and spread around amongst other SCUBA Instructors.

If you’re attracted here simply by the lure of chocolate and sex then good for you, feel free to download the document and learn how they all fit together poetically in the world of SCUBA diving. If you don’t SCUBA dive then the only question really is why not…!? You’ll never feel more alive than when you’re floating around effortlessly blowing bubbles under the sea and rumour has it, I’ve heard, that a good SCUBA Instructor can help you go deeper for longer…

If you’re a SCUBA diver, or a SCUBA diving Instructor then I trust the overview of the latest thoughts around Acute Decompression Illness & decompression theory, and how to help make your SCUBA diving safer, will provide for an enjoyable and enlightening read. It’s not for the feint-hearted but I have every confidence that you will persevere and make me proud in getting through it all. I’ve sat alone at my desk for days without food or water reading through 800-page medical books to bring you this so it’s the least you owe me…!?

Chocolate, sex and SCUBA diving… what more do you need to lure you to download my text, put the kettle on for a nice big mug of tea, and put your feet up on the couch for a good read…?

If you don’t dive… why not get down to your local dive school and sign up for a life-changing event that’s second to none!? Make new friends, get out into the great outdoors and start a lifetime of adventure and joy around the underwater world…

If you are a diver… I’ll see you on the beach and underwater…

Download the PDF document here (5mb): Chocolate Sex and SCUBA Diving

Chocolate Sex and SCUBA Diving



A Guide to Commissioning Architectural Photography

It’s been a long while since I’ve been active on this Blog but I have been busy travelling and shooting across the Middle East and building an exciting new architectural business. In any event here is a handy Guide to Commissioning High Impact Architectural Photography that you might find valuable…

It is said that ‘Architects don’t advertise, they get published’… we can help you get your projects in front of over 1,140+ architectural-specific magazines worldwide… call us to find out how…

Download the PDF brochure here (1.4 MB): A Guide to Architectural Photography (LR)

A Guide to Architectural Photography


Yas Viceroy Hotel

In celebration of yet another successful Etihad Airways Formula 1 weekend on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi some photographs of the incredible Yas Viceroy Hotel. I was very fortunate to be there when it was originally being built in 2008 and I am very fortunate to have been back to stay in it and to photograph it professionally many times since. It’s a spectacular destination and one of my own favourite places to visit and photograph.


WINNER: KwaZulu Natal Institute for Architecture

I’m very excited and pleased to hear that the Unilever ‘Indosa’ warehouse I shot previously for Elphick Proome Architects has just won a 2013 Award for Architecture from the KwaZulu Natal Institute for Architecture in South Africa.

This project is without doubt one of the most spectacular warehouse architectural designs I have seen anywhere in the world – the architecture is innovative, it’s bold, and it sets a benchmark for industrial architecture that will be sure to elevate the standard we expect from architects everywhere. Students will be studying this project at university, architects will be trying to emulate the creative concepts and clients will be excited at what is actually possible with their own future schemes.

Well done Elphick Proome Architects in adding yet another award to your long list of accomplishments and for continuing to set the industry standard for spectacular architecture in South Africa.



Digest of South African Architecture

The Digest of South African Architecture, endorsed by the South African Institute of Architects, is a hefty high-quality manual published annually as a showcase and celebration of the best architectural projects that were completed in the previous year.

The 2012 Digest showcases 70 of the best architectural projects in South Africa across a range of categories and I’m rather excited that four of the projects I photographed last year are showcased in the publication. On top of that the ‘Gottlieb Group Distribution Warehouse‘ which I photographed (by Elphick Proome Architects) received an official Commendation by the SAIA, the ‘Mbombela Stadium’ (R&L Architects) which I photographed for FIFA received an Award of Merit and the ‘Investec Regional Head Office’ (by Elphick Proome Architects) also received an Award of Excellence.

The four projects which were extensively showcased in the Digest included the ‘Unilever Indosa Factory‘ in Durban by Elphick Proome Architects, the ‘Ballito Lifestyle Centre Extension‘ by Evolution Architects, the ‘COP 17 Climate Smart Cape Town Pavilion‘ by ST&AR Architects, and the ‘New Jerusalem Children’s Home‘ by 4D and A Architects.

It’s very exciting and rewarding to be involved with so many of South Africa’s leading architectural designers and to have these projects showcased in such a prestigious industry publication.


Unilever ‘Indosa’ Warehouse

As showcased in the Digest of South African Architecture 2012…

Architect: Elphick Proome Architects, Westville, KwaZulu Natal

Structural Engineer: Sutherland

Mechanical Engineer: RCE Consulting Engineers

Wet Services: AURECON

Environmental: Guy Nichols

Quantity Surveyor: Mbatha, Walters & Simpson

Contractor: Stefanutti Stocks Building

Branding & Marketing: The Hardy Boys

Fire Engineers: WSP

Photography: Dennis Guichard


New Jerusalem Children’s Home

As showcased in the Digest of South African Architecture 2012…

Architect: 4D&A Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa

Structural Engineer: Gerrard Consulting

Contractor: IDC Construction

Photography: Dennis Guichard


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