Subject matter aside, photography in any form is essentially about capturing beautiful and interesting light. The key in architecture is perhaps the added need for a passionate and endless obsession with buildings, their form and function, and the opportunities they provide for attractive imagery.

Beautiful light however is always the primary catalyst for beautiful imagery – you have to have a love affair with it, you have to have patience and persistence and the capacity to feel enriched through the endless pursuit of it. There’s endless opportunity and beauty in the world all around us if we can all just slow down long enough to see the world with different eyes.

Over the forthcoming weeks and months I’ll continue to dig into my massive portfolio of images to try and bring you a daily dose of exquisite natural-light imagery exhibiting our beautiful world. The two images below demonstrate a sample of the natural light show our world provides if we are willing to avert our eyes for even just a short while. The first an ornate Arabian Mosque roof captured in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and the second a stormy sunset taken a world apart at the Blue Anchor Inn near Maputo in Mozambique.

It’s perhaps comforting that even amidst the apparent chaos of a modern world beauty can prevail for anyone choosing to chase the light…

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Mosque 9668b

Blue Anchor 1287