Unilever – it doesn’t really matter where in the world you live you will almost certainly know them by name. They make your tea, margarine, soup, washing powder, beauty cream, toothpaste, underarm deodorant, ice cream, etc, etc… Think of it and they probably make it!

Just recently opened in Riverhorse Valley Park in Durban this sensational, modern and exciting building has already won design architects Elphick Proome a host of local and international awards, and no small wonder too! The internal spaces are light and invigorating whilst the external structure is a sheer architectural delight to the eye. It’s the style of architecture and level of capability that make Elphick Proome Architects one of the largest and most successful practices in South Africa.

Watch the press on this one as the worldwide attention this new factory building is currently already receiving will see it featured on the covers and in editorials in a host of prominent local and international magazines.

Well done Elphick Proome, it’s another case of ‘Ayoba’ Durban architecture!